7 new year resolutions that a developer can take in 2021

Now its time to say good bye to 2020 and start a fresh chapter in your life with the title 2021. Think of it this way despite of all the failures you now know what not to do. 2021 is full of opportunities all you need to do is stick to some good habits that will help you what you want in 2021.

Here’s are 7 new year resolutions that a developer can take in 2021:

1. 100 days of code.

100 days of code is the perfect procrastination killer. The rules are simple code daily for more than 1 hour and tweet your progress daily. You’ll build a great momentum and at the end of the challenge you will be far far better that where you started and you’ll have a habit to sit down and work daily.

2. Project Euler.

Project Euler is a series of challenging mathematical/computer programming problems that will require more than just mathematical insights to solve. Although mathematics will help you arrive at elegant and efficient methods, the use of a computer and programming skills will be required to solve most problems.

3. Checking discover section in GitHub daily.

It’s really important to keep up with the changing trends in technologies for a developer. The discover repositories section is a great way to do so. You will feel you know more than anyone just by adopting this activity daily.

4. Reading one tech related article.

For an most of the developers most of their learning comes from blogs/documentation/tutorials hence this habit is obvious however doing this regularly is something that we do not follow regularly. One article a day and you make your way.

5. Contribute to opensource.

It is no mystery your open source contributions are closely watched upon by your future recruiters and more over it is an excellent way to implement something you’ve learnt or even learn new things if you are a university/school student you should apply for opensource programs like GSOC and GCI by google.

6. Participate in hackathon.

Look out for hackathons near you they are great for learning loads of things and building your network as a developer. More over you will have a project to would have a project to work upon and showcase I wrote an article about how my hackathon project landed me to loads of opportunities.

7. Start working on your idea.

We all have a dream project in our mind but we somehow end up doing something else or procrastinating. Break all those barriers just do what you want to do start your dream project whats the worst that can happen the it would not workout at-least you would know that it does not work it is definitely not working when its in your head.

You have completed another step in your life, think of all the experienced you gained this year, all the lowly feelings that you overcame with all the time you spent with your friends and family you indeed have come a long way from where you started this year.

Happy New Year and Happy Coding.