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We Help You To Transform Data Into Powerful Insights That Drive Better Business Decisions.

Business Decisions Made Easier With Reliable Big Data Analytics


Big data has become the business buzzword today as enterprises are adopting an innovative approach to storing and using data. The immense volumes of structured and unstructured data are being treated as a business asset. However, there is a need to understand how this data can be used to one’s advantage. Businesses are thus adopting advanced big data solutions that are capable of leveraging it for delivering sustainable results. At agileHorde Technologies, we extend a broad set of big data services to enable the clients to compile disparate data and use it as powerful business insight for taking profitable business decisions.


We serve automated solutions that convert large amounts of complex data into user-ready data sets. This empowers the business owners and analysts to effectively collect, analyze, visualize, and manage data across multiple sources. Our solutions aim to transform the data sets into intuitive and useful visualizations, dashboards, and reports that serve as valuable business insights. With these impact insights, the business owners can easily identify their strengths and weaknesses and take the necessary initiatives to bring about influential results.

Our Service Offerings

  • Strategy

    We create an effective strategy to ensure a seamless adoption of Big Data technology by your business. We understand your business and its requirements and craft a Big Data strategy that is completely aligned with these requirements.

  • Architecture

    Once the strategy is chalked out, we develop a comprehensive architecture to work for the primary set of applications. We also ensure that the architecture is extensible so that future applications may be easily incorporated into it.

  • Data Warehousing

    We help the clients to enhance and maintain their data warehouses so that they can collect useful data from across diverse data sources. Our data architecture experts augment the analytical capabilities for improved performance and reduced cost.

  • Prototyping

    We create a prototype that evaluates the capability of the proposed big data solution to serve the client’s requirements. This is done by testing and implementing a prototyped version of the solution and assessing its impact.

  • Data Analytics

    We have a team of proficient data analysts who identify the hidden patterns and correlation between data collected from various sources and use them to study the market trends, customer behavior, and much more.

  • Data Management

    Our services extend beyond data warehousing and analysis as we ensure the integrity and authenticity of this data by preventing any unauthorized data tampering. We also provide round the clock support to the clients.

How We Work

We Bridge The Gap Between Data And Decisions

Our experts help you to assess the data and identify the distribution insights as well as outlier records in the set of data gathered.


We comprehend the client’s needs, identify the current gaps, and pain points for defining the roadmap of the solution.

We then apply advanced analytical techniques to the data and create highly useful predictive models for the business.


We evaluate various data sources and choose the right ones to gather relevant data. Following this, we extract clean and usable data from these sources.

We offer intelligent recommendations and effective actions to enable the formulation of relevant business rules.

Technologies/Development Tools We Leverage

At agileHorde Technologies, we focus on the tools as per your preference. A few of the development tools that we are an expert are –

Why Choose Us As Your Big Data Partner?

At agileHorde Technologies, we serve reliable and productive big data solutions that boost your business manifold. –


  •  Our team has proficient architects data scientists, who have rich experience of having worked for clients from distinct verticals
  •  We are a client-centric company that offers tailored solutions to match unique requirements
  •  Our work quality speaks volumes for us, yet we endeavor to deliver cost-effective services
  •  We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality in the projects within the shortest time frame
  •  Adoption and application of the latest technologies for creating unmatched solutions
  •  Proven methodologies to deliver high-quality solutions within deadlines

Want to take your business to the next level with powerful Big Data solutions?

We analyse relevant data from diverse sources to derive useful business insights.
These insights enable you to take the right decisions that boost your business manifold.

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