Feeling good to be a part of the Green ThinkerZ activity

Environment is the perdurable medium to create the best cultural modification, which is an unstoppable spirit for a fabulous fusion to enrich the elevating attainments of multifarious research in deed. In such impeccable instance “Green ThinkerZ” has already been into the very profound occupational actions from Chandigarh, India. Moreover it has entrenched a spectacular bond of research for sustainable development for our very comprehensive world just without any inhabitable pause but through a notable cause of upstanding contemplation of their righteous initiative and in other words commendable objective for the entire devoted academic performer in a befitting manner.

This fascinating society pays the indispensible academic values and the ageless moral supports for the real contributors in all over the globe in a very respectful manner. It fetches the great technological metamorphosis for the booming researchers, which is going to be truly thought provoking at all not to highlight their captivating research brilliance but to have the world-wide educational recognition in a very stimulating manner. Right from India to China again from china to Australia plenty of renowned people have already been assembled with each and other to grace this worthwhile society through destined “Sustainable Developments” very rapidly.

“Green ThinkerZ” is a registered Society under the Societies Registration Act (XXI of 1860), Registration Number is 4893/2014-2015. A Group of researchers from India, China and Australia is working in the field of Environmental Sustainability to create awareness around the globe by promoting Green Technologies and other Renewable Energy Resources with a dream to create Technical and Eco-friendly world. Other fields of interest are E-waste, Electromagnetic Pollution. Green ThinkerZ’s main motive is to promote Sustainability, so that, what we are enjoying today, our future generations will enjoy the same. In order to achieve the goal, our team is performing their roles according to their area of interest.