Dodo Power Energy (CRM, CMS, Enterprise Solution)

Project Name: Dodo Power Energy (Enterprise Solution)
Client: Dodo Power
Project Commencement Date: February 18, 2018
Project Completion Date: June 25, 2018
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Technologies/Skills Used:


MySQL Administration

Full-Stack Development Skills:

jQuery, HTML, CSS, CMS, Bootstrap, AJAX, WordPress, PHP, JavaScript,
WordPress Plugin, Web Application, UI/UX, Embedded Applications, Database Design, Database Architecture, Custom PHP, API Integration


Executives understand that the move away from disparate, disconnected systems and data sources toward a next-generation solution has the potential to transform operations. In many cases, because the capabilities of legacy systems currently utilized are not even remotely comparable to that which is available today, excitement and energy devoted to selecting and deploying a solution tends to gravitate toward the functional aspects rather than user experience and adoption.


Nearly anyone who’s gone through a deployment can relate to the fact that user experience and adoption are incredibly important pieces to the enterprise software puzzle. But, unfortunately, they’re often an afterthought, and consequently a major contributor to not getting the most out of the solution. In reality, these aspects should play a major role in the entire process from selecting the solution to implementing and maintaining it.


In this post, we’ll inspect 11 different user-related elements that should be considered throughout your next enterprise software project—some of which can still be applied even if you’ve already started the solution selection or implementation process.


1. Ensure Executive Sponsorship and Buy-In for the Project

2. Include Users in the Solution Selection Process Upfront

3. Put Together a Deployment Team to Support the Project over Its Lifecycle

4. Remain Mindful of User Experience Requirements While Evaluating Functional Requirements

5. Communicate the Deployment Plan and Provide Updates Regularly

6. Measure and Communicate Performance Before, During, and After Deployment

7. Execute a Pilot Deployment before Transitioning Enterprise-Wide

8. Identify & Empower “System Champions” to Support and Drive Adoption

9. Invest in Change Management that Ensures Long-Term Adoption

10. Establish an Online Resource Center and Gamify the Learning Process

11. Maintain a Continuous Improvement Mindset and Garner Feedback


Remember Dodo? The internet company with the flying blue dodo bird as a mascot? Well it’s still around and it offers more services than ever before, including internet, phone, mobile, TV, insurance and… power and gas.


Dodo Power & Gas is the division of the Dodo brand responsible for energy retail. It sells electricity in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, as well as natural gas in Victoria and parts of New South Wales. This review focuses solely on Dodo Power & Gas, looking at its prices and products, and assessing the value its deals offer.


Dodo Power & Gas likes to keep things simple, with only one electricity market offer available in each state, in addition to the default offers it is also required to have. While Dodo previously had a reputation for big pay on time discounts, industry regulation changes in July 2019 saw it pull back on these conditional offers in all areas. Its plans in Victoria, NSW, Queensland and South Australia now have no discounts at all, but reasonably competitive rates.


The Dodo Power & Gas market offer is a variable rate contract with no fixed term. This also means there are no exit fees if you decide to switch providers at any time.


Overall, Dodo offers a comparatively cheap and basic electricity and gas service. Does this bring its own problems? You will only really know how good or bad an energy company is after you’ve signed up, but to help you along the way, we suggest taking a look at our customer satisfaction ratings for electricity providers in your state.


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It is a multi phase project with this firm commencing on MVP of phase 1. There were lots of challenges and communication dialog that required a firm understanding of the project scope and agileHorde Technologies was able to fulfill there responsibility with satisfaction.

We will be looking to embark on Phase 2 with agileHorde Technologies at the forefront of our development requirements.

Alex Rascanu, Assistant Manager (Marketing)
Dodo Power Energy