kizoa (Enterprise Solution)

Project Name: Kizoa  (Enterprise Solution, Niche Website)
Client: Kizoa
Project Commencement Date: February 18, 2015
Project Completion Date: June 25, 2017
Project url:

Technologies/Skills Used:


Oracle Database Administration

Full-Stack Development Skills:

jQuery, HTML, CSS, CMS, Bootstrap, AJAX, WordPress, PHP, JavaScript,
WordPress Plugin, Web Application, UI/UX, Embedded Applications, Database Design, Database Architecture, Custom PHP, API Integration

The increasing prominence of digital media has elevated the importance of video and audio editing for a wide variety of business and government clients. This case study details how a publishing and information products delivery company used outsourcing to Back Office Pro (BOP) as a wide-ranging and successful solution involving several video and audio editing needs.


The Client: A 20-Year Provider of Data and Services to Educators, Researchers, Travelers, Businesses and Libraries

For almost two decades, the client has served a growing number of industries in their core business area — providing tools and data to their customers. During this period, the client has shifted their product and services mix to reflect changes in digital media. Because they are dealing with a sophisticated business audience, the client regularly updates their product line in order to maintain an edge in a competitive business climate.


The Business Situation: Keep Costs Down Without Sacrificing Quality

The client came to the project with four specific and well-defined needs — keeping costs down, maintaining quality standards, matching current video and audio capabilities and guaranteeing turnaround times. Due to these four factors — plus the high-volume nature of the assignment in combination with large files — the client discovered one or more problems with most alternatives. Back Office Pro ultimately represented the best choice for getting a complex project to the finish line successfully.


The Challenges: Data Security and the Scope of the Project

The scope of the project was sufficiently large that the Back Office Pro team anticipated the need to add extra storage capacity without reducing data security. A total of 6 TB hard disk drive capacity was needed for the project — video files needed to be backed up regularly by moving them to hard drives, and both raw and completed files required back up provisions.


Results: A Fast Turnaround, High Quality and Reduced Costs

The client began the project with high expectations for achieving a cost reduction without sacrificing quality and speed — for a project that also required a complicated and high-volume editing combination of audio and video files. Back Office Pro was successful in meeting and exceeding expectations. The client saved 60 per cent by working with BOP while achieving faster turnaround times than were available with other options.

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