Sophos launches a security analysis platform for developers

Sophos launches a security analysis platform for developers British cybersecurity firm Sophos has launched a new threat intelligence and analysis platform for developers. SophosLabs Intelix helps developers to build more secure applications through simple API calls.

Developers can use an API call to assess the risk of things like files, IP addresses, URLs, and more. Sophos claims the platform is continuously updated and features petabytes of real-time and historical intelligence.

The platform collates masses of data to help protect applications, including: telemetry from Sophos’ endpoint, network, and mobile security solutions; data from honeypots and spam traps; 30 years of threat research; predictive insights from machine and deep learning models; and more.

Developers can access SophosLabs Intelix using secure RESTful APIs to answer questions like, “Is this file safe? What happens if I open or execute it?” or “Is this link safe? What happens if I call this URL?”

SophosLabs Intelix is available through the AWS Marketplace. Several free tier options are available to get started with Intelix, in addition to the following current pricing for a higher number of requests.